Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I return an item? 
We do not currently offer returns. Items are handmade to order- so they are just for you.  
When will I get my order?
items can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to be handmade especially for you, THEN shipped out. (This does not include weekends) If you need something for an event, ALWAYS email to check first, with a specific date. We may be able to get your order to you in time, but cannot guarantee it.
Can I get a bundle deal? 
No, sorry!
Can I customize my order? 
Not always, but in some cases. Drop us a message with some photos and ideas. 
Can I have something specially made? 
Sometimes, not during busy periods. Message us for a custom order. 
Can I get a lower price? 
Never. Sorry! 
Can I do a 'collab' and obtain discounted or free items? 
No, we do not 'collab'. Please Do Not Ask. 
Are there size guides? We have a size guide on our story highlights- so give that a read. If you have any worries about size- most things say weather or not they adjust- or stretch. Our sizing is VERY forgiving so I would not stress about it!
What can I do if I receive an order and I am unhappy? 
We do not offer returns, but we will try and help so drop us a message any time! 
I have a photo in Nebbity clothing, can I tag you? 
YES! I try to repost on my story! 
Custom sizing- How long will I wait?
2-6 weeks as I need to create a new pattern
I think I have received the wrong item/size or something is missing.
Mistakes happen, and we are only human!
we will sort out any mistakes as quickly as possible. You'll need to return to us any unwanted items to us for a full refund or replacement. 
Something has arrived after the agreed or paid for time what can i do?
Email us, and your shipping will be refunded!